Sunday Funday. @danivitale x @hannahdlaine for @arsenicmagazine #arsenic #sundaybumday • DM or Email if you want to get shot ;) share the view  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Madam. @bbrannagan for @arsenicmagazine #arsenic classics. Who should the next bunny be?  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Popsicle weather. @gemmaleefarrell enjoying herself at the studio. @arsenicmagazine the #arsenic way. Catch me this Saturday with @flaskmob LA (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Gentle. A side of @paigetiziani you haven’t seen before. @arsenicmagazine #arsenic with it.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


LA state of mind.


not a bad day at the office.


Speaker Knockerz • @stefaniexknight left the @playboy mansion to pay me a visit this weekend. You ready for more? #arsenic @arsenicmagazine  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Drunk in love. B killed the VMA’s so here’s my friends @hannahdlaine & @danivitale who dance and perform for artists like @beyonce @katperry #rihanna etc. Hats off to these women. #arsenic  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Hollywood Nights. @xomissnatalia for @arsenicmagazine #arsenic special thanks to Billy & Amanda for making yesterday’s shoot with @tysoncbeckford dope.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


TGIF. @theslizzard for #arsenic • so many shoots this week, and an extra special one for @arsenicmagazine tomorrow. Share some cake with your friends  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Or nah. @taniafun with some #arsenic for @arsenicmagazine you wanna see some more?  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Summer classic. @erinjoanwarren x @arsenicmagazine #arsenic • if you missed my last post before I deleted it go check my twitter: @ gregoriophoto •• ill post some more tonight, just cause.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Ballin. @gemmaleefarrell of @playboy convinced me to shoot in color yesterday • preview of some @arsenicmagazine #arsenic shit coming your way. •••• comment your favorite players and favorite team below  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Convertible = @brittanywardla • just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, really means a lot. booking specials now-the end of September and spots are limited so email me now! Special birthday wishes to BILLY the king pin of @arsenicmagazine  #arsenic #familia • sharing my cake with all of you 💯❤️ (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Birthday Cake with @_tiannag • tomorrow is my birthday and I really want to make this next year count and give it 100%, but I need your help. I’ve already had plenty of mishaps this year with equipment and finances so I made a gofundme, any contribution helps. I have massive amounts of unseen photos that I want to share with everyone! Thank you all for supporting me since the beginning in 2012! @arsenicmagazine #arsenic #familia @makeupbynessa x (at www.gregoriophoto.com)