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Setting the record S T R A I G H T …
For most of my life I have been a tomboy with reservations in regards to how open I should be when it came to my sexuality. As I have grown in the last 3 years, especially the last year, I have learned to embrace all the parts that make up who I am. Growing up with parents that have seen and done it all I was raised to believe that sex was either looked at as dirty or, sacred. What I’ve come to learn on my own, is that it’s all of that, but also the most beautiful and intimate exchange of energy and passion.
There is no feeling quite like being content, embracing, and loving all aspects of yourself, including your body. I spent years and years hiding my body because I thought it was tasteless to put myself out there in such a way. I’ve learned that you can still embrace the skin you’re in while maintaining class and tact. Our bodies, all shapes, all sizes, are truly a work of art and should be treated like so.
I’m not encouraging woman to take their clothes off for attention or to quench their thirst. What I encourage is the feeling of freedom and liberation that comes with accepting you for all of you. However people choose to express themselves is entirely up to them, but don’t discourage someone from finally reaching a point in their life that actually shows strength, growth, acceptance, self-love, and happiness. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what this journey in life is all about?

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Looking out



-Gregorio Campos




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