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Teach you a lesson. Here’s another teaser of @_tiannag - making herself right at home. Thanks the amazing @makeupbynessa for always being on point. This is an @arsenicmagazine #arsenic treat. Now enjoy that traffic jam (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Comeback Season. @_tiannag back in the studio with @makeupbynessa killin it on Makeup and hair. You ready to see more? Another preview on twitter @ gregoriophoto •••• share with a friend! 100 #arsenic  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


The world might not live through the night. Here is one of my new favorites - @mabelynncapeluj former miss California really killed it yesterday with @makeupbynessa  wearing @beachbunnyswimwear x @arsenicmagazine #arsenic exclusive preview. Ready for more? (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


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Treat her.  What comes around, goes around 👌 @theoliviajordan for @arsenicmagazine x @themissap produced by @sarahmonie ••••• tag someone who deserves a little treat (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


It’s Friday & It’s Hot… So here’s another one of these. @brittnyward for @arsenicmagazine #familia @sarahmonie @makeupbynessa @calvinklein •••hope everyone has a good 711, turn up or Netflix? Tag your friends.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


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American Revolution. Embrace your body, mind, and soul by starting a revolution of your own today. Model @luci_ford for @arsenicmagazine #arsenic #familia •• produced by @sarahmonie x billy badass • hope everyone has a safe holiday, share this with the world.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Horns n Tails. Foolin with @brittnyward for @arsenicmagazine #arsenic #familia produced by @sarahmonie & makeup n hair by none other than @makeupbynessa - @calvinklein #mycalvins - just wanted to say what’s good to everyone out there, would love to hear from you all, so have a good week! What do you wanna see next?  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


Midnight Snacks. Caught up with @theslizzard while shooting a catalog for @coulbourne - I have a ton of new work coming your way.    @arsenicmagazine  #arsenic #familia —- mention a friend who would enjoy this fridge full of midnight snacks.  (at www.gregoriophoto.com)


California Sunshine • @luci_ford killed it for @arsenicmagazine produced by @sarahmonie & Billy Badass •  you ready for the next chapter? Tag someone who you know will appreciate this  (at Beverly Hills 90210, Los Angeles, CA)


What happens in Vegas•  @devynnejohnson & @madisonmiranda7 killed Vegas this weekend at EDC, brought to you by @emazinglights @iheartraves @intotheam @insomniacevnts thanks for the 5 crazy ass days there. You all ready to see more? @arsenicmagazine #arsenic archives (at www.gregoriophoto.com)